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Municipal Inspection Services was formed in 1984 as a public service company designed to supply municipalities
with trained, State certified building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspectors and permit administration.  
Municipal Inspection Service does not provide home inspections for real estate purchases.  We work only with

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This list is a summary and is not intended to be all inclusive but used as an aid to assist you in the building
Contractors, are you registered in the Municipality in which you are doing work?

Municipal Inspection Services requires a registration for each Municipality you do work in.  
Each registration fee is $15.00 per license, and each registration must be renewed each licensing cycle.
All registration fees are paid to the Municipality with which you are registering.
A copy of your State contractor license(s) must be included when submitting this application.

Click here for the Contractor Registration Form.
Only Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical must be registered.  We do not register Building at this time.
To arrange for an inspection,
MUST call our inspection
line at (517) 622-8822.

Please leave the following
  • Name
  • Address of the
  • Type of inspection
  • Permit number
  • Contact number for the
    Inspector to reach you
  • Special access
  • Keybox Code
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