Permit Holders Responsibilities
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Municipal Inspections Services 2013

Before the inspector can begin inspecting the job the following must be done by the permit holder:

1.        The permit must be posted and visible from the road
2.        A street number or a sign indicating the owner or contractors name must identify the location

There are a number of inspections required in each of the four codes (building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing) therefore, you
must call us when you are ready for each type of inspection.  Work must not proceed before the job is inspected and approved to
continue.  NOTE: EACH PERMIT MUST BE OBTAINED SEPARATELY.  The most common inspections are:

FOOTING – Must be inspected after the forms are in place but prior to any concrete being poured.
BACKFILL - This inspection is only required for wood foundations.
ROUGH- IN – When framing is completed, but BEFORE drywall and insulation and AFTER electrical, mechanical, and plumbing
inspection are approved
FINAL – When the project is complete and ready for occupancy and AFTER electrical, mechanical and plumbing final inspections are
approved.  Final grade must be completed and all excess building materials removed from the site.

UNDERGROUND – If anything is to be covered by dirt or concrete
SERVICE – When service is complete and ready for hook up.  Please be sure to include your Energy Request Number.
ROUGH-IN – Before insulating or drywalling, when wiring which will be hidden is complete
FINAL - When all fixtures are set, plates are on and the building is ready to be occupied

UNDERGROUND – After any piping or ducts have been installed underground, before you backfill or pour concrete.
ROUGH-IN – Before insulating, drywalling or concealing; any gas piping, fireplaces, ducts, chases, duct work or chimneys need to be
firestopped and inspected.  All gas piping requires a pressure test and inspection prior to use
FINAL – When all mechanical equipment (furnace, heat pump, boiler, air conditioning, exhaust fans and exhausts hoods) is complete,
operating and the building is ready to occupy.

UNDERGROUND – When any piping has been installed underground before backfill or pouring concrete (piping must be visible)
ROUGH-IN – When all drain and water piping is installed and connected, supported and firestopped and before insulating, drywalling
or concealing
FINAL – When all plumbing fixtures are set, sealed and operating, the water heater is operating and building is ready to occupy

PLEASE, remember each job is different and goes at a different pace.  Therefore, we have no idea when you are ready for
inspections unless you contact us to let us know.  Also, please make sure that you are actually ready for inspection, because extra
trips by the inspector could cost you an extra fee.
To arrange for an inspection,
MUST call our inspection
line at (517) 622-8822.

Please leave the following
  • Name
  • Address of the
  • Type of inspection
  • Permit number
  • Contact number for the
    Inspector to reach you
  • Special access
  • Keybox Code